Terms and condition

The on-line purchase system offers the user a pre-sale service of tickets for the events available in the BOXOL.IT catalog.
The BOXOL.IT service is managed by the company ART4ART SRL Società Benefit, with head office in Via Antonio Meucci, 24/i/2, Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), which invites every user who uses the service to read carefully all the points relating to the General Conditions and to respect them scrupulously. The user is invited to follow the completion of the on-line purchase procedure in every phase.
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Only on-line purchases can be made through the automated web procedure of BOXOL.IT. Bookings are not accepted by email, fax or by any other means.

The number of purchasable tickets for every operation or person may vary according to the event, on request by the event organizers.

an on-line booking assistance service is available by e-mail for any information, explanation or specific need; no other means of communication is available.

N.B. The events are normally on sale on-line up to the day preceding the date of the event, apart from particular circumstances that may be applied with no advance warning.
Except for special provisions made for particular events, for every on-line purchase the ticket cost, plus the pre-sales commission, plus 10% for the service, is debited.

For events where home delivery (in Italy) is available, a cost of 8,00 €s is debited for every delivery.



According to the limitations established by the Organizer of the event, some categories of spectators can acquire tickets with a reduced rate.
The reduced tickets are valid for the admission only if the holder meets the characteristics established by the Organizer for that category of reduction.
Even if such characteristics can be declared and validated during the online sale process (ie: fidelity card number, date of birth, etc) the holder is responsable to exhibit at the entrance what is needed to verify his right to access with the reduced rate ticket.
Ticket payment on-line is made exclusively by credit card.

Because of the particular characteristics of the sector and the regulations applicable to box-office events, and events generally, every transaction completed by the consumer is considered implicitly and definitely accepted by the consumer.

According to European electronic commerce regulations (regulation 97/7, and the 14/5/99 Italian Legislative Decree) the exercise of the right of withdrawal does not apply to this type of purchase.
The collection of the tickets purchased on-line can vary from event to event. Every sales event provides instructions for ticket collection, which can be of two types:
1. Collection at the Ticket office - this allows tickets purchased directly on-line to be collected from a ticket desk at the place of the event, on the day of the event, generally a short time before the doors are due to open, and at least 15 minutes before the event commences.

In this case purchases can also be made on-line until the day preceding the event, according to availability. For ticket office collection, a printed copy of the e-mail sales confirmation (see order confirmation below) accompanied by an identity document is required. The aforesaid order confirmation does not in any case constitute a right of access to the event, and must be exchanged before entering the event venue, for a regular ticket (or regular Right of Access).

2. Home delivery - this is generally made by express delivery or by other delivery services. It can be selected up to about 10 days before the event, to allow for adequate delivery time.

Ticket office collection or home delivery are binding, and not modifiable after purchase.

For home delivery, BOXOL.IT is responsible for the tickets, up to delivery to the Delivery Service or Postal Office, after which BOXOL.IT declines any type of responsibility in cases in which delivery of ordered tickets does not take place.
BOXOL.IT carries out ticket pre-sales in the name and on behalf of event organizers. Therefore it cannot take responsibility for any cancellations of events, or take on any obligation to reimburse tickets, if not on the specific request of the event organizers, who are solely responsible for the events and the related revenue.

BOXOL.IT therefore reserves the right to reimburse possible sums recovered by the organizers at face value of the tickets, net of commission relating to the service of on-line purchasing.

Cancellations give no right to reimbursement, as also for tickets that are not collected or are unused.
BOXOL.IT provides the service of on-line sales and is not responsible for the organization of individual events. BOXOL.IT operates in the interests of its own Clients to get maximum satisfaction for every purchase, but is not responsible for possible dissatisfaction, or for any problems connected with the organization of the event itself.

BOXOL.IT reserves the right to withdraw, modify, suspend or interrupt any function or service, if considered opportune for technical-organizational reasons that could in any way jeopardize the successful running of its own service.