Terms and Conditions

Our company is called ART4ART S.r.l. SB and has its registered office in Castel San Pietro Terme, Via Antonio Meucci n. 24/i/2, 40021 - Bologna, Tax code and VAT no. 03827971205, E-mail:
ART4ART is an innovative start-up that offers high-tech services and has decided to be a Benefit Company, strongly believing that the purpose of a company is not only to distribute dividends but above all to generate a positive impact on the community and the biosphere. This business model represents our identity and our long-term mission to benefit society and the environment. The desire to create common benefits in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner constantly accompanies all our activities and projects. 
These T&C's regulate the use of the service, which includes

  • the intermediation service for the sale and purchase of tickets to the public, which is provided by ART4ART on behalf of the event organisers
  • the supply of services connected to the intermediation service, such as the booking and management of the order, the online delivery of the ticket and other services that may be requested by you
Therefore, ART4ART, with respect to the ticket purchase and sale contract, acts, through the platform, exclusively as an intermediary in compliance with what is decided by the event organiser, who is, and remains, the only competent subject to establish the management, promotion and distribution modalities of the tickets to access the events and the relative price policy. 
In other words, our intermediation service automatically allows you to conclude a ticket purchase and sale contract with the event organiser, which is subject to the regulations on distance contracts set out in articles 45 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 ("Consumer Code") and by Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 on e-commerce.
Before concluding the contract of sale, you will be able to find all useful references to identify the organiser of the event for which we operate, in accordance with the provisions of Article 49 of the Consumer Code.
In some cases, with respect to the sale and purchase contract, the platform acts on behalf of event promoters or presale networks, who are also intermediaries and act in the name and on behalf of the event organiser and in accordance with the policies established by the latter.
If the event organiser, event promoter or presale network stipulates special conditions for purchasing or participating in the event, you will find a special notice to read before completing your purchase on
Every time you purchase a ticket on the platform, the Terms and Conditions apply. You must review and approve them before concluding the purchase process; remember that those published on the platform at the time you send us your order are applicable.
The T&C may be subject to certain changes in the future, which will be valid from the moment they are published on the platform. We therefore invite you to consult them regularly before making any purchases.
The Terms and Conditions you are reading were published on 01/01/2023.
Everyone can purchase on, both natural and legal persons.
However, when the purchase is made by a natural person, we require that they are 18 years of age or over. 
If you wish to purchase a ticket on, you normally have two options:
Register by creating your own account, it is editable and you can manage your profile at any time, for your privacy preferences, to change your password, to find details of your current orders and view your previous purchase history. If you choose this option you also have the advantage, in case of a subsequent purchase, of not having to fill out our order form again with your personal information, making your shopping experience faster and easier.
You can also not creat an account and, as an 'occasional guest' without registration, simply complete the order form with the information necessary to finalise your purchase. You will receive confirmation of your purchases via email. With this option, in the event of a subsequent purchase, you will not have your personal area to consult and will have to re-enter your personal data for each transaction. 
When registering, we only ask you for the data required by law and necessary for the correct performance of the service, so when you create your personal account, make sure you enter data that is true, correct, complete and that refers to you and not to third parties.
Once you have chosen your credentials for registering and accessing, we advise you to keep them with extreme care and attention and not to pass them on to third parties.
For the safest and most efficient management of your purchases, we ask you to create only one personal account; if we are certain that you have created more than one, we will remove those following the first. 
Whichever solution you prefer, the service will not change. Your personal data will be protected and treated with the utmost care and attention and in accordance with the applicable regulations. Read our Privacy Policy for full details.
We would like to remind you that registration is compulsory if the event you have selected takes place in a venue with a capacity of more than 1,000 spectators according to Law No. 145 of 20 December 2018, which amended Article 1, paragraph 545 ff. of Law No. 232 adopted on 11 December 2016 to combat the secondary ticketing phenomenon, requires us to do so. If you wish to learn more about this topic, please visit our section dedicated to the so-called "Battelli Law".
By signing the General Terms and Conditions, you undertake to comply with all the rules on registration set out above and, in the event of breach, to indemnify and hold harmless from any damages, compensation obligations and/or penalties connected with these rules.
The sale's contract that you enter into with the event organiser as a result of our intermediation service is deemed to be concluded, if the order form has been sent and payment has been successfully made, when you receive confirmation of your order at the email address that you have provided us with. 
If the event you intend to attend is subject to the Secondary Ticketing Law no. 145/2018, you must provide and verify your mobile phone number using the One Time Password (OTP) validation code, transmitted by text message, in order to conclude the ticket purchase contract.
We remind you that it is not permitted to purchase tickets through the use of robots, electronic instruments or any other illicit or unauthorised means. In case of suspected fraud, we will not accept or, in any case, we will cancel the order.
Furthermore, ART4ART reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders that have been placed 
a) violating these T&C
b) by issuing false, incomplete, inaccurate identities or that refer to third parties
c) by using several accounts referring to the same person
d) by users who have been involved in fraud of any kind
e) by users with whom a legal dispute is pending
The number of tickets that you can buy on is determined exclusively by the event organiser, who also decides on the type of tickets, their price and whether there is a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per account., among other things, does not hold exclusive rights for the online distribution of tickets relating to the individual event and therefore cannot guarantee that the tickets will be better in terms of seats. Within the availability of tickets assigned to, in the case of events with a numbered seating plan, you may select the seat you prefer by viewing and moving around the map of the event venue and you may change it until you have submitted your purchase order.
Please note that when the event is highly sought after, many users try to purchase available tickets at the same time, and that only processes orders in chronological order. The availability of tickets therefore depends on the actions taken by users together.
 The ticket price is set exclusively by the event organiser.
It generally consists of two parts: the so-called nominal value of the ticket and the possible surcharge for the presale fee, which is also charged by the event organiser. The organiser may occasionally decide not to apply the so-called pre-sale fee.
The two parts that make up the ticket price and which you will also see displayed on the digital ticket are called the 'face value'. 
The face value of the ticket does not include the service fees payable to and the additional charges for additional services.
The fees for the ticket brokerage service rendered through are applied to each successful purchase order and are specifically and separately indicated during the purchase process and in the order summary.
Any additional charges may relate to the home delivery service of the tickets or the request for further services connected to the purchase of the ticket, which are indicated from time to time before the conclusion of the process.
Payment for tickets purchased on can be made via credit cards of the following circuits: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MAESTRO and the following payment instruments BANCOMAT PAY, 18APP and CARTA DEL DOCENTE, which you can also find on the payment page during the purchase process. Not all payment instruments may always be available. In each event you will find an explicit indication of which ones are enabled.
In case of a refund, the amount will be credited to the same means of payment used for the payment.
In order to increase the level of security of electronic payment services and fight fraud, the measures introduced by Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2) transposed into Italian law by Legislative Decree 218/2017, such as the Strong Customer Authentication procedure, which allows us to validate your identification by means of so-called two-factor authentication, are applied to your online payments.
In particular, we are enabled to the 3D Secure protocol that shields you from the risks related to frauds that can arise from electronic payments.
As an additional security measure, we may ask you to send us a document proving the identity of the payment card holder, even if the card holder is different from the order holder. Until we receive the document, the order shall be suspended or, if not received within 7 days, cancelled and, consequently, if the amount is paid, refunded by re-crediting the same means of payment used.
Please note that does not have access to and does not store data relating to the credit card you use to pay for your tickets. The card number, the first and last name of the card holder, the expiry date and the security code are encrypted and transmitted to the payment provider. Only for security reasons, if we ask for an identity document referring to the credit card holder, we will know his or her first and last name.
The tickets you purchase may be delivered in different ways depending on the event you have chosen and the respective choices made by the event organiser.

The ticket delivery modes will be made available at the time of purchase and, if more than one are available, you will be able to select the one you prefer until you complete your order; remember that you cannot change your choice after the order has been placed.

Among the delivery methods, you can find one or more of these proposals:
  • Digital ticket to print yourself or to save on your smartphone or other device: in this case the ticket will be sent to you, normally in pdf format, at the same time as the order confirmation email and you can proceed immediately, or later, to save the pdf or print it on your device. You will have to present the ticket to access the event. If you decide to print it out, please ensure that the print-out is clearly legible.
  • If you have registered on, you will always find the ticket available in your account.
  • Ticket to be collected at the event venue: If the event organiser has made this delivery method available, you only need to present yourself at the event venue and show the order confirmation email to the ticket office. With respect to the time you have to be there on the day of the event, you may receive specific instructions from the event organiser; otherwise, make sure you arrive well in advance of the start time of the event.
  • Home delivery of tickets: If the event organiser has made this delivery method available, you can conveniently receive your tickets at home or at the postal address you indicated during the purchase process. Delivery times and costs vary, but you will always find specific details on the individual event page before you complete your order. Home delivery is made by an express courier and at the time of dispatch you will receive a notice with the tracking code through which you can check the status of the shipment. We would like to remind you that home delivery is an additional paid service and that you will find the amount charged to you expressly and separately indicated. 

The sale of tickets for an event, within the meaning of Article 59(1)(n) of the Consumer Code, falls within the provision of services relating to leisure time provided on a specific date. For this type of service, the law excludes the possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal provided for in Article 52 of the Consumer Code.

Once the purchase is finalised, therefore, you will not be able to withdraw from the purchase contract and request a refund of your tickets.

First of all, we remind you that the decision to cancel or postpone an event depends exclusively on the event organiser who, for various reasons, may be forced to make this choice and, consequently, to establish refund or replacement policies for your ticket., as an intermediary in the sales service, has no decision-making power in this regard and simply communicates on behalf of the organiser the steps taken in relation to the postponement or cancellation of the event.
In the event of cancellation of the event, we inform you that it is the event organiser who also decides on the pre-sale fees, which it may decide to retain or refund together with the face value of the ticket. 
If delegated by the event organiser, will, in case an event is cancelled, process the refund of your ticket in accordance with the organiser's instructions. You will be informed well in advance of how to apply for a refund; please remember to respect the timeframe indicated in order not to forfeit your right to a refund.
The refund will be made by re-crediting your credit card or other payment method used by you during the purchase; the timing of the re-credit depends on your payment service.
BOXOLit service fees or any costs incurred for the home delivery of the ticket, in all cases of postponement or cancellation of the event, will not be refunded because they relate to services already received and are independent of the event organiser's provision of the service relating to the event.